joi, 3 decembrie 2009


It's hard to write a nice poem
But for me...there is no problem
I'm a source of inspiration
I have to make a confesion

I take rims from internet
And it's easier to get
Fools,do you really belive it
That i'm a genius?How stupid!

All of you are dumb enought
To belive that kind of stuff
Wish you die,but not so quick
First you have to suck my dick

Man...I stay,I watch and wonder
Sudently I hear a thunder
With that sound there comes a hope
Lightning hit you,that's the scope

Your mother was made in China
It was fake,like her vagina
No one knows how were you born
I guess that you are a clone

Stab your eye,to bleed I wish
Die you fucking moron jewish!
Turn arround,dont even watch
Daaaaamn....I hate you so much!

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